Joe Vitale 2

"In my thirty years of speaking gigs and events, I have never been so pampered, cared for and protected as with Meghan and the staff of the Love Jam. Every aspect of my live music event was handled with precision and clarity. I am in awe that such service exists and am grateful for it. The Love Jam gets my highest endorsement. They are the first and last resource anyone will need for any event. I am keeping them on speed dial."

Best-Selling Author & Awesome Musician

"Meghan is a true get‐it‐done girl and keeps everyone on task with her calm, cool and very loving demeanor. She is efficient, organized and a solid pro in the music and events business. I highly recommend Meghan for any project, and in particular, a complex one."

Owner, Bill Silva Presents

"The job Meghan and her team did for us was nothing less than phenomenal! They had true professionalism, poise, and grace. They performed their duties efficiently and to perfection. They stayed calm and focused, even under stress and duress. They managed everyone's sensitive, huge egos in a way that allowed them to accomplish what they needed to, yet at the same time still making everyone feel they were important and being heard. I really enjoyed watching them run their production meetings. They ran it like a real pro - efficiently, effectively, and firmly, but with a sense of compassion and humor. As a result, their entire team was outstanding. I sincerely hope we can find many more opportunities to work with them.”

Miller Global, President

"I cannot express with enough enthusiasm my gratitude to the Meghan and her team for the incredible work they have just done for Do512. During SXSW this year, my company produced a total of 7 events and 42 individual band performances over the course of 6 days. After producing over 100 concerts and events, I have never in my life worked with a more competent, pleasant and professional team and we simply could not have pulled it off without them. There was a massive amount of moving parts and challenges, but Meghan managed to handle all situations with poise and grace. I received countless accolades from bands, management, and guests about how gracious and professional they were, and how lucky we were to have them. From the first time I met with Meghan, she gave me peace of mind that she had it all under control---and my confidence only increased as we got knee deep in the madness of SXSW. She is an excellent communicator, meticulously organized, a great problem solver, and never drops the ball. This professionalism and positive attitude seemed to come with ease to Meghan and her team. They knocked it out of the park, and did it all with grace, enthusiasm, and an extraordinarily positive attitude---something that is often lost with the egos of the music industry. I only wish I could have Meghan and her team around all the time, and my entire life would be smoother and more organized!”

Do512, Owner

"Meghan is both creative and organized – a true professional. We always look forward to working with her. Whenever Meghan is involved we know we'll have a great experience."