Our Philosophy

We believe events can be a powerful vehicle for change and as such, we feel a responsibility to practice what we preach. While we have pride in our excellence as event producers, we strive to match this excellence with compassion and kindness. We believe the world is a reflection of how we treat one another and we take care to work with compassion and kindness whether working with our team, clients or event attendees.

Our Team



Meghan has been booking national entertainment and executive-level producing large scale corporate events, concerts and festivals for over 15 years.   She is widely-known for seamlessly managing complex events with a calming and kind demeanor.  Meghan has also been a lifelong student of personal development and brings her love of compassion and her talents as a Life Coach to her work with her teams and clients.



Kara has been producing large events for over eight years and is a highly sought after producer for festivals and events around the nation.  Kara is widely-known for her million-watt smiles and beautiful bear hugs.  She knows no stranger and lights up any room...but don’t let that fool you…this girl slays at her events.



Victoria is a gifted design and branding aficionado and loves being involved in any creative project. She has spent the last decade working in the fields of customer service and marketing and loves bringing this skillset into the events world. Her dream is to spend her life loving, serving, and encouraging those around her in any way she can!

The Love Jam has a trusted and well-loved network of event ninjas and expands their team based on the needs of the event.

Our Story

The Love Jam was born backstage at the Long Beach Blues Festival on September 7, 2009.   While loading-in the festival, Meghan and one of her event ninja friends began lamenting about the anticipated stress of the next few days.  Mid-conversation, they decided to intentionally change their habit of negativity that can so often accompany the pressure of producing live events.

They made a pact to focus not inward on their own stress and negativity, but rather, on uplifting everyone who crossed their paths.  It started with smiles, goofy high-fives and words of positivity, but it quickly spread like wildfire.  Before long, the entire production team was embracing this concept that they good-naturedly named “The Love Jam”.   By collectively embracing this intention to spread kindness and compassion throughout the event, it literally transformed the experience.  Those who were normally scowling by Day 1 of the festival had lightened up and were more quick to offer a hand.  Those who might normally eschew positivity were inquiring what they needed to do to become a “Love Jammer.”

It was an incredible experience that profoundly affected Meghan and she sought to recreate it over the next several years of her career in live events. She knew there was something special about combining the power of music with the power of love and it was truly a life-changing experience.

After taking a break to rethink The Love Jam brand and mission, Meghan teamed up with her dear friends Kara and Victoria to relaunch the organization.  Kara and Victoria shared Meghan’s passion for kindness and compassion and the two eagerly jumped in to support the mission. After nearly a year of planning they relaunched in May 2017 with a commitment to “Feel Good, Be Good, Do Good” in all of their projects. This commitment has taken them to surprising and unexpected places, all of them better than they could have anticipated.